FUN FACTS that didn’t fit in the Yams story:

-Rocky says the song above influenced the “Long.Live.ASAP” title track.

-Yams wanted to get Playa Fly to appear on “Live.Love.ASAP.”

-An early suggestion by the label was to have ‘1 Train” be with Nas and Raekwon, to appease traditionalists.

-“Fuckin’ Problems” came from Drake’s camp more or less complete.

-Rocky styled Yams for the “Goldie” video, and Yams was wearing Rocky’s pants, which didn’t fit, and had to be covered by a long t-shirt: “I looked like a fucking Peruvian drug dealer!”

-Yams’s pre-RNT blog:

-Bari had a beard at 14.

-On RNT: “I’ma bite Up North Trips, I’ma take the Dirty Glove content and I’ma mix it with Noz’s whole writing style.”

-He met Branson and left with free champagne.

-I didn’t even know about this record with Turf Talk.

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